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Metro Apartments Pattaya
33/85-86 Soi Lk Metro,
Chonburi, Central Pattaya, Thailand
Postal Code: 20260

Contact Name: Reception
Phone: +6638425874

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We realize that your holiday doesn’t start just when you get here. Even seasoned regulars start making plans before they get here. For newcomers who are perhaps coming to Thailand or Pattaya for the first time there can be a whole host of questions which they might have. You are more than welcome to send us a query about Thailand, Pattaya, visa issues or travel related issues and we will give you the benefit of our knowledge. If you ask us something we don’t know or are not sure about we will level with you and send you the best links to the information so you can read around the topic beforehand.

One of the most common mistakes that newcomers make when they come here for the first time is changing too much currency before their arrival. As a general rule you will get a better exchange rate here for US$, £, €. If you prefer to not use a lot of cash then you might benefit from reading this article from Which? or if you would prefer to use a prepaid card check out this site .

Above all we strongly advise against bringing any type of Scottish or Northern Irish banknotes. You will either not be able to exchange them or only for a terrible rate.

For those intending to hire a car or motorbike we recommend you get an International driving licence before you leave your country. In Pattaya it is possible to hire vehicles using your domestic licence but having an International driving licence will reduce difficulties getting insurance and avoiding penalties should you be stopped by the police. Outside tourist areas there is little leeway without an International driving licence.

No one intends to get ill or injured on holiday but it happens. Please consider getting reliable medical / accident cover for the duration of your holiday. While a few headache pills will cost you next to nothing in a pharmacy even a short stay in a local hospital (mostly private) will be quite expensive. The Government here has said they are going to make insurance compulsory. While this regulation may be enforced we still consider an insurance from home to be the best option as you will have greater choice where you will be treated.